We believe, preparation is one of the key components to achieve the absolute quality, along with the best products in the market to protect and glamorize your investment.

The Key of Preparation:

Because of dirt, spider webs, and other air borne particle that attach them selves to the outside of your home. We first pressure clean sophist, fascia and exterior walls for a clean working environment.

Now that we have a clean start, we then caulk and fill any areas where it's needed using stucco patch.

Then, we cover all windows, plants and other areas where needed.

After everything is covered, we then apply a sealer on stucco walls to protect your home from rain and sun.

After all the preparations steps have been taken, we then apply the best 100% Acrylic Paint of the color of your choice. 

At the end, you have EA Custom Painting quality in your house, maximizing your investment while protecting your wallet.